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Good morning, artist
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It's hard to sort out the fragments of thoughts in head. Afterimages of thoughts and memories always wander in disorderly patterns.

It's a foggy dawn. I can still feel the lingering sense of fantasy like starlight. Sometimes, artistic inspiration completes a work without my knowledge through an unknown ritual. And the result comes into the entrance of the silent dream and shows it very clearly in a short moment. If the image of fantasy is reproduced in reality, even the sense of inferiority and terrible loneliness like an excited gangster can be sublimated into art.
I look at the sky. When I look at the sky in the rain, overwhelming emotions soon dominate my body. The fog is lifted and the feeling of ecstasy comes in.

Seeing life through the mind of an artist is truly a wonderful and beautiful thing. Art is like a seed that expresses our attitude, passion, and affection for life.The fruit of that seed will fall like sweet rain on our dry daily lives.And it will make us sing about the beauty of life. 
Additionally, art will add fragrance to our beautiful journey through life. The power of creation to realize ideals and express them in various ways will be a valuable driving force to color life beautifully and bloom culture. How much emotion and inspiration will be given to our life by the results of the warmth of art as well as the power of culture that embraces society and times.