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Brilliant 1988 is a project that reminds us of our childhood, when we used to go on adventures in search of mysteries. Even in the blur of old memories, the memories of innocent childhood still shine in our heart!

Brilliant 1988 has 5 quests!  1. Giant Bead Tower: where the children gather every morning, there is a tower with three pillars supporting the giant bead. Meet some good friends there. 2. PEACH MINE:  To the north of the peaceful village is a peach mine. There is a drink of eternal life there that the fairies drink. 3. YELLOW ELEPHANT:  The yellow elephant lives in a house with a large yard. If you look into the elephant's eyes, you might get mysterious abilities. But the yard is a complicated maze, so you might get lost. <If you get lost, use joystick.> 4. GIANT’S CHAIR:  In the factory where the Giant Hunter is located, there is a wooden chair that allows you to travel back in time. but giants are dangerous. so be careful! <The Knight of Victory will protect you from giants.> 5. OLD WELL:  In a small town where trains pass by, the Milky Way flows through the old well. It's said that the Milky Way only flows once a month! <there may be a scary ghost at the well!>

12th K-Rural Architecture Contest
Book_ 220︎280, 128pgs

한국농촌건축대전은 농촌의 건축문화를 향상시켜 지역활성화를 모색하고 아름답고 살기좋은 농촌마을을 만들기 위한 공모전입니다. 본 책은 농촌문제에 대한 고민을 건축적인 아이디어로 풀어낸 수상작을 모아 놓은 도록입니다.

The Korea Rural Architecture Contest aims to create a beautiful and livable rural village by improving old rural buildings in Korea. This book collects and shows the award-winning works that solved the concerns of rural problems with architectural ideas.

Logo / Leaflet / etc

돌은 선인(先人)들의 삶의 방식을 현재와 미래의 문화예술에 투영(投影)하는 디자인 커뮤니티입니다. 주로 전통적인 석조문화를 표현하고 공유하는 활동과 문화확산 프로젝트를 진행합니다. 본 로고는 자음 ㄷ과 ㄹ을 조합한 것으로 ㄷ에서 ㄹ(위︎︎︎아래)로 이어지는 획의 동선은 [과거-현재-미래]를 잇는 의미를 나타냅니다.

Dol(돌) means stone in Korean. Dol is a design community that accurately expresses Korean traditional culture(mainly stone cultural properties) and projects the way of life of the ancestors into the present and future culture and arts. This logo is a combination of the Korean consonants ‘ᄃ’ and ‘ᄅ‘ with minimal pixels. The path of the line leading to [top︎︎︎bottom] implies the meaning of connecting [past-present-future].

BC Cooperative / Beautycorn

Symbol mark / Brand logo / Visual identity
Logotype is based on typeface Constantia

BC Cooperative is a company that builds a quality beauty culture(Education, volunteer work, etc) in the hair beauty industry. It also produces and sells product such as shampoo and conditioner under the brand Beautycorn.

The symbol mark is the shape of a flower blooming and signifies cooperation and prosperity. The brand logo in the form of a unicorn leaping means continuous growth. The identitys will be used the same from products such as shampoo to shops and academies. 

New world vision

Illustration / Brochure_ 210︎270, 8pgs

This brochure depicts through illustrations the connection between a completely free spirit and the infinite universe, from the restraints of the body.

The spirit, endowed with infinite freedom, can easily become trapped in a finite body. Moreover, hard life and stimulating events freeze the spirit even more strongly. Liberate and love your spirit like the flow of air passing by. And the answer will be glorious.